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You can store up to five possible resumes on the Dice system. Only one resume can be active at any time.

  1. Go to www.dice.com.

  2. Create a MyDice account.

  3. Click MyDice Login.

  4. Log into your account.

  5. Create your Resume.

  6. Click MyResume.

Available Resumes

Your available resumes will be listed in the box on the MyResume page. You can:

  1. Edit – Select your resume you wish to edit and click Edit to alter resume settings. The MyDice Review MyDice Resume displays. Choose the section that needs to be edited and make changes.

  2. Make Searchable – Post your resume to the site where it can be viewed by employers.

  3. Email – Email your resume to contacts.

  4. Delete – Select the available resume you wish to remove, and click Delete.

  5. Make Not Searchable – Remove your resume from the searchable database.

  6. View – See your resume as potential employers will on the site.

Create a New Resume – Click create a new resume to start a new resume

Searchable Resumes

Select the resume that you desire to be searchable and click on the Make searchable button.

Choose from the following:

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