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Android Developer

Redwood City, CA 
Area Code:
Travel Required:
An app in the Google Play store a HUGE plus! We want to see your work 
Pay Rate:
Highly Competitve 
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Funded by Sequoia Capitol (we're not messing around). Looking for a couple worldclass Android developers to contribute to our innovative and exciting mobile apps. You will work with the engineering and product team to develop exceptional consumer applications which delight the user and raise the bar of what can be achieved on the Android platform


  • Passionate about mobile apps
  • Android Java expert with 2+ years Android development
  • Shipped at least one amazing consumer Android app product
  • Extraordinary software engineering talent, rich experience with agile software development, a great generalist
  • Aptitude in algorithms, and in large scale data analytics
  • An eagerness to experiment with new design and control paradigms
  • A willingness to create and throw out prototypes in the spirit of iteration
  • Demonstrated ability to implement UI frameworks and UX that go beyond Android UI elements
  • Ability to write elegant, readable, and well-documented code and tests
  • Strong experience with Android's Property Animation API and familiarity with OS-specific APIs
Brianna Rooney
Techees, LLC
P.O. Box 4042
Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
Phone: (415) 324-8544